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Dealing with difficult people

In this training course, you'll learn how to deal with people who, in your opinion, exhibit difficult behavior. Even if it seems like there is absolutely nothing you can do about them. Let's face it, you have to deal with those difficult people anyway.

You'll learn to read the other person's behavior and to influence them. This can be done by controlling your emotions better, changing your thoughts in a given situation, and adjusting your behavior. You'll understand why you find certain behavior difficult and how you could be blocking an effective response. In this course, you'll learn to see some of those nuisances in a differently.

When you look at the world from a different perspective, you'll see those annoying people in a different light and understand why they are so difficult for you. You'll also learn how you can influence your own thoughts so that you're able to control your feelings and behavior. It's up to you to decide whether or not you are going to let the people around you drive you nuts. Discover which thoughts influence your emotions. This will help you take matters into your own hands when working with difficult people.

Dealing with difficult people isn't only about the way you look at the other person. It's also about how you keep your own emotions under control and manage your thoughts the moment that the other person seems to be sucking all of your energy.

Handling difficult people and managing conflict has to do with your reaction to the other person and the other person's reaction to you. Reacting and communicating appropriately will ensure that, after this training course, you'll know how to deal with difficult people.

This course on coping with difficult people is designed for those who have trouble with people who:

  • take without giving anything in return
  • say "yes" but mean "no"
  • meddle in everything
  • always come late
  • always interrupt you
  • always know better

Pre-course preparation

Observe you colleagues, and write down a couple of items that trigger the feeling that makes you think you're dealing with a difficult person.









  • 从来只是索取不知汇报
  • 嘴上说"是",心里却想着"不"
  • 干涉一切行为
  • 总是迟到
  • 总是打断你
  • 总是显得知道的更多




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Tea Break

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11:30 AM

Session 2



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