AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Center, in collaboration with Netspring Social Enterprise, Tishman Speyer and University of North Alabama, cordially invites you to join the 2018 Suzhou E-Drive for Used Electronic Items. You may drop off any used or unwanted electronics and related parts on Tuesday, September 18 between 13:00–16:30. Any members and non-members are welcome to participate.

Drop-off items* may include:

· computers and laptops with hard drive(strongly suggest);

· printers, scanners and fax machines;

· monitors, keyboards and mice;

· tablets, mobile phones, e-readers, and cameras;

· cables, extension cords, adapters, USBs, plugs and wires;

· all other office electronic parts and accessories.

Note: *except mercury-containing fluorescent tube

All electronic items collected will support "Netspring Green IT Classrooms" program. Netspring will refurbish the reusable items and distribute them to rural or migrant schools for providing a learning opportunity to children in need throughout China. Any unusable items will be disposed of properly with certified recycling company. A receipt certificate can be provided on-site for provided items.

Drop-off Locations:

AmCham Shanghai Suzhou Office, Tina Zhang, 0512 62960131,苏州园区华池街圆融时代广场24栋SIFC 803-A

Tishman Speyer, Liu Jili, 13814815506, 苏州大道西119号苏悦广场北楼701室

University of North Alabama, Amy Pan, 13773115643, 苏州工业园区东长路88号2.5产业园G2-605室

To RSVP, please download the equipment handover list online and send the filled list to Tina Zhang @ tina.zhang@amcham-shanghai.org no later than Friday, September 10. Please bring 2 hard copies of the handover list with official seal to the event on September 18. If you wish to receive a certificate, please also include the full name of your company in the email.

About Netspring Programs:

A Pioneer social enterprise in China

NETSPRING Is a pioneer social enterprise in China created in 2012 upon the following findings:

• Computers and other electronic equipment become obsolete more and more quickly, as market trends are endlessly changing. In China, at least 5 million computers are discarded and turned into e-waste every year. Over 70% of them are collected by illegal recycling vendors, dismantled and even burned in a very rough way. Such practice causes massive toxic chemical release, heavily polluting the air, the water and the soil, and is harmful to human health.

• However, parts of such obsolete computers are still in good working conditions and could be reused after appropriate repair. At the same time, more than 50 million Chinese students in under-developed rural area have no access to computers and the internet. They are striving to learn more and widen their horizon.

With its Green IT Classroom program, NETSPRING addresses those 2 issues, developing recycling economy to create shared value between developed and under-developed Chinese areas.

As an early promoter of the 3R (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) principles in China, NETSPRING is thrilled to announce that the launch of innovative program - Green 3R Box, for drop-offs of unwanted electronic items such as computers, mobiles or batteries. Netspring Green 3R Box aims to promote natural and sustainable concept, and create environmental and social impacts.


1 PM

4:30 PM

Suzhou Donation Drive for Used Electronic Items


To RSVP, please download the equipment handover list in the below document column and send the filled list to Tina Zhang @ tina.zhang@amcham-shanghai.org no later than Friday, September 14. Please bring 2 hard copies of the handover list with official seal to the event on September 18. If you wish to receive a certificate, please also include the full name of your company in the email.