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AmCham Shanghai's Food, Agriculture, and Beverage Committee will host its annual conference on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019.

We will hear from an array of international leaders in Food, Agriculture, Beverage, and other related industries that focus on best practices across the farm-to-fork supply chain. They will provide insight on future trends and potential opportunities in the sector.

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The 8th annual FAB Conference was held earlier this year on May 23rd, 2018. The theme was A Taste of Tomorrow: Innovation in a Changing Market. The conference covered the growing demands of consumers and how China is paving the way on redefining how traditional businesses and retailers operate. To satisfy the customer from online to offline, companies who are thriving in the competitive landscape move at a fast pace by continuously innovating their products, supply chain, and business model. The increasing demand and rapid growth also led to food safety and compliance issues which has prompted regulators to impose changes. With consumers sensitive to food issues, companies were leveraging technology to improve traceability in the supply chain.

The conference comprised of 22 speakers, 4 executive panels, and keynotes. More than 120 industry leaders and professionals attended.

AmCham Shanghai also announced its inaugural Food, Agriculture & Beverage (FAB) Awards at the conference. FAB Awards aims to recognize innovation in food technology and the successful implementation of new business concepts, as well as industry pioneers who are leading the way in making a positive impact in a changing market. More details here.

A recap on the 2018 conference:

Who Should Attend?

  • Food and Beverage Industry Professionals
  • Executives From Multinational Companies
  • Agricultural and Life Sciences Companies
  • Supply Chain Companies
  • Technology and Innovation Companies
  • Food and Beverage Industry Service Providers
  • Food and Beverage Retailers and Distributors
  • Restaurant Owners and Delivery Firms
  • Fraud and Risk Management Agencies
  • Food and Beverage Processing Companies
  • Food and Beverages Suppliers
  • Marketing and E-Commerce Professionals
  • Senior Government Officials
  • Government Regulators

This conference is organized with the support of AmCham Shanghai's Food, Agriculture & Beverage Committee. The committee facilitates sharing of best practices across the farm-to-fork supply chain. The Committee aims to be an information resource, a networking forum and a government engagement platform for key industry issues. The Committee helps members increase food safety awareness among the general public and lead the implementation of industry best practices. The Committee also engages regulatory bodies to advocate member interests while assisting members with regulatory compliance.

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