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Eaton is a power management company that provides energy-efficient solutions to help their customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainability. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.

Coca Cola works closely with many other companies and social organizations to empower woman entrepreneurs through its 5by20 project. After the UN released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Coca-Cola China has applied those Goals to the design and implementation of the next phase of the initiative.

Aspiring to be the world's favorite choice for American style, Gap Inc. believes that good business – the kind that puts people at its center – has the potential to change the world. A key part of their vision of success is "Do more than sell clothes" and creating opportunities for the people and communities touched by their business throughout the world.

Agilent partners with Dairy Association of China (DAC) to promote safety and product quality in the dairy industry. The company has established multiple organizations and funds, such as the Agilent Technologies Foundation and Agilent Employee Assistance Fund to help support its CSR efforts worldwide. 

As a R&D organization that focuses on external storage products, Dell EMC has made a goal to produce the greenest products possible. Dell EMC's Good 2020 Plan spells out their commitment to put their technology and expertise to work where they can do the most good for people and the planet. Dell EMC has reduced energy consumption in its products by improving its hardware and software efficiency.

As a leading diversified and high-tech company, Honeywell has always upheld the philosophy of "implementing social responsibilities with the power of science and technology." In China, they mainly focus their efforts on three important societal needs that align with Honeywell's heritage, products and people: Family Safety and Security; Humanitarian Relief; and Science and Math Education.

For over three decades, Yum China has been committed to making a material difference on the economic and social development of China. They leverage their resources to support and empower their communities and encourage their employees to do the same. Yum China focuses on the areas in local communities where their expertise and scale can make the biggest impact - poverty reduction, community care, children and youth development and healthy living.

Visa China helps to drive development of the financial industry in China through a comprehensive package of innovative corporate social responsibility initiatives that leverage Visa's global best practice knowledge, expertise and influential partnerships by facilitating creative planning and execution for sustainable and amplified impact. They are also aligned with government policy and China's national agenda.

Cintas invests for the future and never cut corners to negatively impact the community. Their employees and customers are very proud to be a part of the effort. On the long run, Cintas's CSR programs not only protect the environment but also present financial benefits to the company and their clients.

The Social Inclusion Advisory Project creates a comprehensive framework for facilitating the process of recruitment, inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in regular, non-sheltered working environments. Their innovative model is based on a well-rounded services package, covering all core aspects of employment inclusion of people with disabilities and providing a strong foundation for partnering companies to mitigate risks and achieve sustainable results.

Since 2012, Netspring, a pioneer social enterprise has "Transformed obsolete computers and e-waste into e-education" for underprivileged communities. As Netspring refurbishes computers to build recycled IT classrooms and serves underprivileged schools, it has enhanced its environmental disposal e-waste services and the creation of shared value with its partner-organizations.

METRO China sees sustainability both as a responsibility and an opportunity to shape their business in harmony with society's requirements and of their customers, employees, investors and partners. METRO wants to create added value for their customers while also caring for the environment. To accomplish this, they have anchored the theme of sustainability into their guidelines and, accordingly, in their daily actions.

UCB intends to become the patient preferred Biopharma leader, offering sustainable solutions to assist people living with severe chronic diseases and their families and to diminish its ecological footprint. Offering 'health' and 'improving sustainability' are critical components of the social, economic and ecological UCB's engagement of improving in people's lives.

As a global leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, corporate responsibility is at the very core of TE Connectivity. TE China's CSR efforts constitute an integral and crucial part of TE's global corporate responsibility program. TE China's CSR projects are designed to align with its business priorities and create shared values with various stakeholders. 

EQuota aims to save energy and reduce commercial and industrial carbon dioxide emissions. EQuota has provided many products and services, such as Equota Insight™ to other companies, offering a series of sustainable low-carbon solutions across industries. 

Habitat for Humanity China partners with families and schools in need of decent housing to build secure, affordable homes and to increase their access to clean water and safe sanitation. Their work is made possible with the contributions of financial resources, expertise, services and volunteer labor from donors, partner organizations, volunteers and the families themselves. 

The Amgen Foundation, in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTUZY), expanded the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) program to help introduce and excite secondary school students in the field of scientific discovery, reaching more than1,000 teachers and 80,000 students annually around the globe.

AstraZeneca, together with cross-sector partners from the government, industry, academia, research institutes and medical institutions, initiated many disease management solutions that integrate diagnosis and treatment on therapy areas including respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic, oncology, and gastrointestinal diseases. 

By reinforcing and amplifying the impact of an existing CSR project both inside and outside of the corporation via employee ambassadors, Baxter leveraged multiple channels and social resources to create a CSR ecosystem to help foster Yi-minority children's behavior change on core hygiene issues.

Century 3 sends recycled and fully functional computers to children with special needs in western China, and the computers are all equipped with educational software. Century 3 believes that computer recycling is the best way to re-use computer equipment and to keep them out of landfills.

CreditEase launched its 'YiNongDai' online platform to assist impoverished families in rural areas in gaining financial support. Through the 'YiNongDai' Microfinance Rural Assistance Platform, philanthropy-oriented lenders are able to provide funds to aid poor farmers in rural areas who are in urgent need of a loan and help them move out of poverty.

As part of its commitment to educate and inspire young people to become next-generation entrepreneurs, FedEx supports Junior Achievement (JA), a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.

Herbalife launched the "Angels Heard Love" public welfare program in 2009 to help children with severe hearing loss from poor families throughout China receive cochlear implants. Up to now, the program has helped 168 children with severe hearing loss from 17 provinces and cities. 

JLL envisions a space that enables the employees to achieve more – both at work and in life. JLL's "Future of Work" concept, which includes five dimensions: Human Experience, Digital Drive, Continuous Innovation, Financial Performance and Operational Excellence, demonstrates the next generation of workplace innovation.

Nu Skin launched a complete rescue chain covering surgery, screening, training and volunteering service instead of merely focusing on treatment. The company's innovative system of "medical insurance + hospital remission + family co-pays + fund assistance" has helped to ease the burden on families with children.

Shui On Land Limited is committed to creating an innovation & entrepreneurship eco-system. The company's first successful practice of Knowledge Community in KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community) has promoted inter-enterprise business cooperation and facilitated the flow of technologies, talents and capital. 

Thermo Fisher launched the "Little Scientists" program in 2015; it is developed under the company's overarching CSR theme of "Making Changes." The program was inspired by the concept of "intelligence support" and aims to foster scientific literacy of rural students through innovative education. 

UTC aims to drive a company CSR culture through transparency, respect, ethics, two-way communication, empowerment, innovation, and collaboration. The company hopes to attract, develop and retain a talented, adaptable, inclusive and diverse workforce to create a high performance organization.