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Welcome Remarks
Tony Ling
  • Tony Ling (CHO at OYO Hotel)

    Tony Ling

    CHO at OYO Hotel

    Tony Ling is currently CHO of OYO Hotel. Prior to working this job, he was also General Manager of HR at Wanda Culture Group, Vice President and CHO at SF Express Co., Ltd, VP of HR at Dianping, HR director at IBM Greater China and VP of HR at AstraZeneca. Tony Ling has over 20 years’ experience in HR management. Him and his team were awarded the Prize of Best HR Manager by “China Staff” several times and he has also won HRoot's Magazine "Top 10 HR Managers of the Year" award twice.

    Tony Ling is also the Committee Chair for Human Resources at AmCham Shanghai.

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Opening Keynote: The Merits of Investable Talents in the Tech Business
Harry Wang
  • Harry Wang (Founder & CEO of Linear Capital)

    Harry Wang

    Founder & CEO of Linear Capital

    Huai (Harry) Wang is CEO & Founder of Linear Capital (Linear), a fund with US$230 AUM, specialized in data technology and AI investments. Harry has led investments in 50+ technology companies. He also served as a CEO advisor to Dianping and Baixing. In 2013, Harry published a book, How Facebook was Engineered, which became a best seller in the Internet startup community. He served as Judge for Forbes China 30 under 30 in 2014 and 2013. Prior to co-founding Linear, Harry worked for Facebook in California as an engineering manager and joined Facebook in early 2007 when there were about 100 employees in the company. He earned his MS degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, MS degree in Computer Science/Data Mining from Ohio State University (PhD Quit) and his BS degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University. Harry serves as a founding member of the council for the i-tech school in the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science. Harry is a Fellow of the third class of the China Fellowship Program and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. Harry serves as the first chairman of Future Forum Young Council. He is also selected to the Class 2018 of Young Global Leaders by World Economic Forum.

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Panel I: Digitalization of HR for Business Success
Tony LingLily YangDaisy YuDonald SullivanCoco Xu
  • Tony Ling (CHO at OYO Hotel)

    Tony Ling

    CHO at OYO Hotel
  • Lily Yang (Head of GC People at WeWork)

    Lily Yang

    Head of GC People at WeWork
  • Daisy Yu (Sales Director, Talent Solution of Linkedin)

    Daisy Yu

    Sales Director, Talent Solution of Linkedin
  • Donald Sullivan (General Manager of North Asia and Hong Kong at Workday)

    Donald Sullivan

    General Manager of North Asia and Hong Kong at Workday
  • Coco Xu (Former HRD at Cainiao Smart Supply Chain)

    Coco Xu

    Former HRD at Cainiao Smart Supply Chain
Networking Coffee
Panel II: The Real Value of HR Today and TomorrowNecessary or Nice to Have?
Ling FanWendy BarthSteven ShengRoy GaoCharlene Ge
  • Ling Fan (Founder and CEO of

    Ling Fan

    Founder and CEO of
  • Wendy Barth (Vice President, Marketing/APAC, India & Africa at Rich Products Corporation)

    Wendy Barth

    Vice President, Marketing/APAC, India & Africa at Rich Products Corporation
  • Steven Sheng (Human Capital Director of PwC China and Hong Kong)

    Steven Sheng

    Human Capital Director of PwC China and Hong Kong
  • Roy Gao (Managing Director of ProHR International)

    Roy Gao

    Managing Director of ProHR International
  • Charlene Ge (Vice President at UTC)

    Charlene Ge

    Vice President at UTC
Lunch & Learn: Data-driven Solutions on HR Empowerments
Panel III: What's Next in Talent Acquisition?
Tom YuDavid ChanSteffi LiBill KingJessie Yang
  • Tom Yu (Executive Partner at Spencer Stuart)

    Tom Yu

    Executive Partner at Spencer Stuart
  • David Chan (CEO of Bo Le Associates)

    David Chan

    CEO of Bo Le Associates
  • Steffi Li (HRVP at Sanofi Aventis)

    Steffi Li

    HRVP at Sanofi Aventis
  • Bill King (Partner at Russel Reynolds)

    Bill King

    Partner at Russel Reynolds
  • Jessie Yang (VP, HRBP at OYO Hotel)

    Jessie Yang

    VP, HRBP at OYO Hotel

14:40 - 15:40 WORKSHOPS #1 (Held concurrently, attendees select one workshop from below to attend):

1A. Global Mobility

With the facilitation of Newland Chase, 3 invited Global Mobility HRs will carry out an exciting panel discussion and share their thoughts and perceptions on:

  1. Sino-US Trade War and its impact on mobility world
  2. China regulation changes and how companies react to them
  3. Talent mobility and its opportunities and challenges under current environment
  4. Other microtrends and their impact on mobility function in the long run

  • Wendy Xie, Managing Director, China, Newland Chase.
  • Claire Yao, Immigration and Global Mobility APAC, Corning China (Shanghai) Regional Headquarters
  • Richard Ma, HRBP, Global Mobility, BOGE Elastmetall Shanghai Co., Ltd.
  • Elena Huang, Compensation Benefit Mobility China, Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd.

1B. Immigration

Deloitte will be presenting China immigration covering recent key regulatory updates concerning moving people to/from China. We will also look into some crucial issues during the processing with live cases . In addition, we will also share with audiences our insights of what is the immigration trends in China as well as in AP and how to mitigate risk from both employer and employee perspectives in this changing environment etc.

  • Yvonne Lu, Senior Immigration Manager, Deloitte
  • Sally Yu, Manager, Deloitte

1C. Compensation & Benefits

Mercer will be sharing the talent trends under the influence of the changing Chinese markets. With the most reliable data in China, we observe changes among companies from MNCs, state-owned companies to privately owned enterprises. Implications from Mercer data analysis will be shared on emerging challenges facing in HR Total Rewards.

  • Aries Li,Senior Consulting Director,Mercer

1D: Measuring Success with new HR Tools

The HR function is beginning its digital transformation, and it is happening at a time when technology is also transforming rapidly. In this workshop, you'll learn about the different types of HR technology tools available today and how to measure their success. You'll also learn about common mistakes organizations make when adopting new tools, as well as best practices when evaluating, choosing, and rolling out new tools. We'll also learn how to create a business case to get new project budgets approved by your CEO/CFO, and how to specific outline your goals. Most importantly, we'll explore the evolution of HR Business Partners in China, and some are leveraging emerging technology to turn HR from a cost center, into a profit center.


This session will include the following main topics:


  1. What is HR 4.0?
  2. Types and Examples of New HR Tech
  3. Selecting a Goal to Solve with new HR Tools
  4. Common failures when Adopting new HR tech
  5. Best practices when Adopting new HR tech
  6. Top Questions to Ask AI Providers
  7. Creating a Business Case to convince your CEO to Approve Budgets for HR Digital Transformation
  8. Predictive recruiting and using it to turn HR from a cost center to a profit center

  • Robert Contant Director, Seedlink
  • Jacob Aldaco Director, Seedlink

16:00 - 17:00 WORKSHOPS #2 (Held concurrently, attendees select one workshop from below to attend):

2A. Global Mobility

Join us in this Role-Play discussion to explore expatriation cost reductions from new angle! In this session, mobility colleagues and service providers will have the chance to learn how business leaders and HRBPs perceive cost questions, important factors to consider during policy changes as well as opportunities and challenges on localization.

  • Claire Yao, Immigration and Global Mobility APAC, Corning China (Shanghai) Regional Headquarters
  • Richard Ma, HRBP, Global Mobility, BOGE Elastmetall Shanghai Co., Ltd.
  • Elena Huang, Compensation Benefit Mobility China, Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd.

2B. Immigration

Newland Chase will carry a very practical and vivid visa and immigration focused workshop session for HRs who may be involved in inviting foreigners to China, sending China based employees to other parts of the world or hiring non-Chinese nationals in their daily work. You will learn from the immigration and visa experts regarding the do's and don'ts, common pitfalls and insights from government policy and enforcement perspective on different scenarios from commuter, business traveler, intern, short/long term transfer and local employment.

  • Wendy Xie - Managing Director, China and Jane Li – Global Client Services Manager
  • Frankie Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager, Newland Chase

2C. Individual Income Tax (IIT)

Further to the amended PRC Individual Income Tax ("IIT") approved on August 31, 2018, the Implementation rule and a serious follow-up tax regulations and measures have been announced in December 2018 and early 2019. This IIT reform is considered as the most significant one since 1980, which contains broad changes to the old rules and will have a significant impact to individuals. Key changes include tax resident rule, withholding method, annual filing requirement, Anti-avoidance rule and tax clearance upon emigration, which will affect all individuals taxpayers working in China.

This session will include a presentation on the status of the IIT reform as well as a Q&A session covering the following:

  1. Updates of main implementation rules
  2. Tax Residence rule and Six-year rules
  3. Tax treatment – resident vs. non-resident
  4. Transition Rules – Annual Bonus / equity incentive income
  5. Preferential tax policy in Greater Bay area
  6. Practical considerations and case sharing on the PRC individual income tax
  7. How the new PRC individual income tax will drive the HR transformation

  • Tiffany Li, Director, Deloitte
  • Kevin Zhu, Senior Manager, Deloitte

2D: HR Strategies for the Future of Work

In this workshop you'll learn about the current business landscape in the 21st century, and how HR must adapt to the next industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). Part of this workshop will focus on AI and automation, how it is impacting workforces, but also how it is impacting the HR function. Will HR be replaced by AI? Do we have a proper understanding of AI in HR? Since soft-skills are now becoming important for the future of work, how can we assess these hidden skills, and more importantly, how can we prevent bias from interfering with our people-decisions? We'll also talk about the new types of Data that HR is using, and how it isn't as scary as you think! You'll also learn about emerging competencies frameworks for the future of work, and also how HR leaders are advancing their careers by becoming innovators within their organizations.


This session will include the following main topics:


  1. Business in 21st Century and the Future of Work
  2. HR Strategies: Adjusting Recruiting for the Future of Work
  3. HR Strategies: Using AI to Tackle Human Bias
  4. HR Realities: The Cost of Bias in People Decisions
  5. HR Strategies: How AI and Automation will Impact the Future of Work
  6. HR Becoming Data-Driven, The New Types of Data and How to Collect Them
  7. The HR Practitioner: Will AI Replace HR? How to Elevate Your Career Path as an Innovator
  8. Developing a Competency Framework for the Future of Work
  9. Predictive recruiting and using it to turn HR from a cost center to a profit center

  • Robert Contant Director, Seedlink
  • Jacob Aldaco Director,Seedlink