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"A good leader is one, who by their presence, increases the capacity for excellence in others, so that this excellence continues in the presence or absence of the leader. Women do this very well." -- John W. Maxwell

To be successful in our times, women leaders must become Game Changers in the arena of Disruptive Innovation. The three most important qualities of Enlightened Feminine Leadership that support disruptive innovation are:

  1. The ability to create psychological safety in individuals and teams so all voices are welcome
  2. The ability to use the powerful 'connective-edge' skill of turning teams into tribes and tribes into networks and networks into communities that create new realities
  3. Commitment to invoking organizational fearlessness in welcoming future possibilities through the process of divergent thinking

Attending the Enlightened Feminine Leadership will jump-start these capacities through in-depth teaching of new skills in the categories of BEING, DOING and RELATING. Through experience, theory and practical application, Enlightened Feminine Leadership supports leaders to bring "WHO they ARE into HOW they RELATE and LEAD."

Participants in the program will have the direct experience of the tools and embodiment processes of collective problem solving, creative relational intelligence, and using the human body as a resource in leadership. The resulting rapid and radical transformation ignited by Enlightened Feminine Leadership unleashes human potential to solve the complex challenges of these times.

On completion of the program, participants will experience a significant increase in their ability to:

  • have INSIGHT about what the real issues/problems are
  • experience NOURISHMENT
  • welcome REST and RECEPTIVITY to new problems


为了在这个时代取得成功,女性领导者必须成为颠覆性创新领域的规则改变者. 开明女性领导力支持颠覆性创新,其中三个最重要的品质是:

  1. 能够在个人和团队中创造心理安全感,使得所有人都能尽情发表意见
  2. 能够利用强大的"连接优势"技能将团队变成部落,并从部落变成网络,再从网络转变为创造新现实的社区
  3. 通过发散思维,激发组织无所畏惧的勇气,拥抱未来的无限可能





  • 了解真正的问题是什么
  • 采取有效的行动
  • 吸收高价值的内容
  • 学会放松和包容以应对新问题

Program Benefits

Participants will be best positioned to:


  • Embrace concentrated clarity and newfound creativity
  • Drive collaborative search for strengths within the organization
  • Imagine new possibilities for the future
  • Secure engaged, motivated and committed teams
  • Co-design the pathway to changes and innovation with all stakeholders
  •  Establish psychological safety in teams
  • Cultivate "Fearlessness" in the organizational culture
  • Shift "fixed mindset" culture to a "growth mindset" culture



  • 获得清晰的注意力,并发现新的创造力  
  • 推动组织内部优势的共同发现
  • 想象未来新的可能性 
  • 确保团队参与度高、积极主动和忠诚
  • 与所有利益相关者共同设计变革和创新的途径  
  • 建立团队的心理安全感  
  • 培养组织文化中的"无所畏惧"  
  • 将"固定思维"文化转变为"增长思维"文化


What's Enlightened Feminine Leadership?

Enlightened Feminine Leadership has been taught extensively in the U.S. and through many parts of Brazil: Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, Matutu, Brazilia and Floranopolis. The curriculum of the program has been included in innovative educational and leadership initiatives since 2014 in the USA and Brazil. ENLIGHTENED FEMININE LEADERSHIP is one of the residential retreats under Quantum Leadership taught by esteemed business leaders and experts from the United States and Singapore. This experiential retreat accelerates leadership and organizational change by introducing new skills and social technologies that focus on wholeness, connection and integral consciousness.

开明女性领导力项目已在美国和巴西的许多地方广泛开展,包括里约热内卢、圣保罗、马图图、巴西利亚和弗洛拉诺波利斯。 自2014年以来,该项目的课程已被纳入美国和巴西的创新教育和领导力计划。 开明女性领导力是量子领导力的项目之一,由来自美国和新加坡著名的商业领袖和专家讲授。 该体验式项目通过引入专注于整体性、联系性和整体意识的新技能和社会技术,加速领导力和组织变革。

Session Outline

  • Enlightened Feminine Leadership (What & Why)
  • Balancing Autonomy and Belonging
  • Listening to the Wisdom of the Body
  • Cultivating a source of unlimited Energy
  • The Sensitivity Cycle
  • Re-connecting People to their Uniqueness / Originality
  • Rethinking How and Why Human Systems Change
  • Embodying Fearlessness

  • Building Trust, expressing Truth
  • Building collective problem-solving competency
  • Stories of change through implementation of Enlightened Feminine Leadership
  • BEING, DOING, RELATING: Triangle of well-being in the Business world.

  • 开明女性领导力(是什么和为什么)
  •  平衡自主权和归属感  
  • 倾听身体的智慧  
  • 获得源源不断的精力  
  • 灵敏度周期 
  • 重新将人们与他们的独特性/原创性联系起来  
  • 重新思考人类系统变化的方式和原因
  • 体现无所畏惧的勇气

  • 建立信任,表达真理

  • 培养集体解决问题的能力  
  • 实践开明女性领导力的变革故事  
  • 做人、做事和人际互联:商业世界的幸福三角。


  • Meredith Mukara (Certified Hakomi Trainer, MatrixWorks Creator, Teacher and Trainer Boulder, CO)

    Meredith Mukara

    Certified Hakomi Trainer, MatrixWorks Creator, Teacher and Trainer Boulder, CO

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Who should attend

The program is designed to unlock participants' capacity to lead innovative changes in the world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), to excel despite fierce competition and to create responsible, respectable and sustainable businesses for our society. The purpose of this program is to equip leaders with an infallible process to bring out the best from their teams and organization in a universal, collaborative manner. 

该计划旨在释放参与者引领不稳定世界(VUCA)创新变革的能力,在激烈的竞争中脱颖而出,并为我们的社会创造负责任、值得尊敬和可持续的业务。 该计划的目的是为领导者提供一个正确的流程,以通用和协作的方式确保团队和组织中发挥最大作用。

Quantum Leadership Retreats are for global decision makers that lead entire organizations, divisions or large teams with profit and loss responsibilities on a strategic and day-to-day level. Those who are dedicated to evolving themselves, their teams and their organizations against the backdrop of a complex business landscape should also consider joining the retreats.


  • CEO
  • Presidents
  • Board members
  • Family business owners
  • Sustainable entrepreneurs
  • Corporate trainers/ Consultants
  • Academic leaders
  • Consultants


  • 首席执行官
  • 主席
  • 董事会成员
  • 家族企业
  • 掌管者
  • 关注可持续发展的
  • 企业家
  • 企业
  • 培训师
  • 学术领袖
  • 顾问


Sangha by Octave is a mere 1.5 hours away from Shanghai. As an immersive ex-urban retreat location in Suzhou, Sangha is surrounded by water where ancient Wu culture first started. Suzhou is a symbol in China for the artistic, cultural, sophisticated and mindful lifestyle. Sangha spreads over 189,000 square meters of lakefront peninsula on Suzhou's Yangcheng Lake. It is a place for mindful learning designed to enhance your connection with yourself, with others and with nature.

Sangha is the distillation of decades of reflection by Octave's Founder & CEO Chavalit Fred Tsao and is viewed by him as "an expression of a world-view where evolution is supported, and where consciousness can shift to embrace wholeness and connection."  

Sangha is an integrated complex of wellness residences and learning facilities consciously created by master architect Calvin Tsao to be the embodiment of a vision of how such a community might work. One of the spaces within Sangha - The Sanctuary - has won numerous architectural awards for its stunning design, elaborate interiors and exteriors, including UK Blueprint Awards, 2017 APIDA, the A&D Trophy Awards. 

Built with natural materials, Octave's aesthetics and design choices for Sangha re-think the whole idea of space utilization, reconsidering the balance between personal space and communal space, to create a greater sense of closeness, of community. 


Standard Ticket
RMB 25,000
Early Bird Price

Deadline is March 11

*Program Fee includes tuition, course materials, food and beverage and accommodation of 2 evenings at Sangha by Octave. Octave reserves the right to amend information of this program.