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"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

- Lao Tzu

In today's VUCA world, the business landscape is changing at the speed of light. Multiple changes are simultaneously occurring: One Belt One Road, Trade War, Sustainability, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Shared Economy, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing. Profitability, continuous improvement, and reductionist problem-solving are no longer sufficient to engage employees, attract the best talent, or peak investor interest. IQ and EQ training have not succeeded in improving global employee engagement for a decade. Two-thirds of employees—everywhere—remain disengaged or only moderately engaged. What is essential in today's business world is absolute clarity on direction and abundant creativity to move forward on the path.

Join INNER MASTERY to learn disciplined meditation practices which are backed by scientific studies of the brain. This week-long workshop will introduce you to a vast array of cross-cultural wisdom about what it means to be truly still and present, which is a gateway into crystalized focus and reinforced purpose. All of which leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


- 老子

当今的商业环境瞬息万变。一系列改变正在悄然发生: 一带一路、贸易战、可持续发展、区块链、人工智能、共享经济、物联网、云计算…… 企业要想调动员工积极性,吸引最优秀的人才,实现投资者利润最大化,仅仅靠利润、持续增长和简化的解决方案是不够的。 十年来,智商和情商培训一直无法成功提高员工积极性。 约三分之二的员工——就在你我身边——仍然没有全情投入或者表现平庸。 在如今的商业世界中,明确的方向和卓越的创造力至关重要,不忘初心,砥砺前行。


INNER MASTERY combines a strong grounding in the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience with ancient meditation traditions. This provides leaders with simple, profound and clear access to the deepest meditation traditions.

In this course, you will have the rare opportunity to learn from the originator of these practices, Harvard Professor and world-renowned meditation teacher, Daniel P. Brown and one of his senior students, Dustin DiPerna. This week-long workshop will introduce you to a vast array of cross-cultural wisdom about what it means to be truly still and present, which is a gateway into crystalized focus and reinforced purpose. All of which leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


The knowledge-base for this course has been carefully selected from decades of research on peak performance, psychotherapy, and positive psychology in the West and the great contemplative traditions of the East. This synthesis has been translated into a series of practical, state-of-the-art mental training skills.

Concentration is emphasized early in the workshop.

Students experience a momentum for practice that often allows at least a taste of realization of the nature of the mind as being pointed out. Due to the intensity and pace of the week it is impossible for students both to gain such a taste and to comprehend fully at a conceptual level what is presented.

For this reason we expect all students to build a strong foundation for their practice by attending at least two or three INNER MASTERY workshops before experiencing further levels.

An entire set of teachings, from the beginning up to a taste of awakening, is included in the INNER MASTERY workshop. Experience with students has shown that the practices of those who are methodical and patient with learning the teachings develop more steadily and fully than those grasping for 'higher' teachings. We ask that students do not ask us to make exceptions to this policy. In the rare instances where an exception may be appropriate the teacher will make such a suggestion.


在本课程中,您将得到向创始人、哈佛教授、世界著名的冥想老师丹尼尔·布朗(Daniel P. Brown)和他资深学徒达斯汀·迪派纳(Dustin DiPerna)学习的珍贵机会。本次为期一周的研习班将向您传递跨文化的知识精髓,展现什么是真正的静修和修炼澄澈、坚毅心灵的道路,走向意义明确而充实的未来。






Program Benefits

Participants will be best positioned to:

  • Embrace concentrated clarity and newfound creativity
  • Demonstrate grounded confidence on the articulation of points of view in a nonjudgmental manner
  • Take risks to explore beyond self-limits
  • Transform core beliefs
  • Heighten resilience
  • Enhance everyday positivity and champion flourishment that reverberate across teams and organization



  • 培养专注力,获得全新的创造力
  • 充满自信地表达非评价性的观点
  • 敢于冒险,挑战自我极限
  • 改变核心观念
  • 提高适应力
  • 养成积极心态,迎接自我、团队及组织的繁盛
Program Coverage
  • Concentration mastery
  • Character development
  • Risk taking
  • Positivity and flourishment
  • Pro-social and collaborative behavior


  • 专注力培养
  • 性格发展
  • 冒险
  • 积极心理与繁盛
  • 社会贡献与合作行为



The Living Room by Octave is located in the former French Concession of Shanghai. It is the first comprehensive urban wellness center created in China, providing customized holistic wellness and learning programs rooted in mindfulness through a team of international wellness experts.

The Living Room by Octave is the distillation of decades of reflection by Octave's Founder & CEO Chavalit Fred Tsao and is viewed by him as "an expression of a worldview where evolution is supported, and where consciousness can shift to embrace wholeness and connectedness." 

The Living Room is an integrated complex of wellness spaces and learning facilities consciously created by master architect Calvin Tsao to be the embodiment of a vision of how such a community might work. One of the spaces within The Living Room - The Inspiration Room- has won numerous architectural awards for its stunning design and elaborate interiors and exteriors. 

Built with natural materials, Octave's aesthetics and design choices for Living Room re-think the whole idea of space utilization, reconsidering the balance between personal space and communal space, to create a greater sense of closeness, of community. 


Program Fee includes tuition and (2) coffee breaks per day over the 7-day workshop. Meals not included. Octave reserves the right to amend information on this program including price, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.

Early Bird Ticket

Until April 5, 2019

Standard Ticket
RMB 22,000