AmCham Shanghai's Trade & Investment Center invites you to us for an event on June 19nd from 2:00-4:00 pm at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center. Representatives from Changzhou Tianning Economic Development Zone will share their insights, demonstrate potential investment opportunities and elaborate on the existing preferential policies in the region. In addition, guest speakers from Changzhou Tianning Economic Development Zone will also share their success stories.


The Changzhou Tianning Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone that was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Government of Jiangsu Province in August 2006. The development zone is integrated with Qinglong sub-district that covers a total area of 24.04 km2 and a population of 66,000. With the continuous development, the area of the development zone will be expanded to 55km2. The development zone adheres to the "1+4" Industry Orientation – "1" being New Generation Information Technology, which will mainly attract the high-end software industry focusing on new generation communication networks, the Internet of Things (IoT, and cloud computing. "4" refers to the Producer Services, Consumer Services, Cultural and Sports Creative and Intelligent Manufacturing Industries. It has formed a characteristic industrial cluster with Inspection and Testing, Military and Civilian Integration, New Generation Information Technology(NGIT), Intelligent Driving and Culture and Sports industries.

常州天宁经济开发区是 2006年8月经国家发改委和江苏省人民政府批准设立的省级开发区, 目前开发区与天宁区青龙街道区街一体、合署办公,区域面积24.04平方 公里,人口6.6万人。自2015年常州市行政区划调整后,随着与郑陆镇东青片区融合发展的不断推进,开发区区域面积将扩增到55平方公里。开发区坚持"1+4"产业导向——"1"即新一代信息技术产业,主要招引新一代通信网络、物联网和以云计算为代表的高端软件方向的产业;"4"即生产性服务业、消费性服务业、文化体育创意产业及轻型高端智能制造产业。形成了以检验检测、军民融合、新一代信息技术、智能驾驶、文化体育产业为支柱,在全省乃至全国有影响力的特色产业集群。

Advantages of the Local Investment Environment:


Convenient Transportation Network: Tianning Economic Development Zone has an extensive transportation network (water, land and air). It is only 20-minute drive from Changzhou Bus Station and the Shanghai-Nanjing High-speed Railway Station, 1 kilometer away from the Shanghai-Chengdu G42 Expressway. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Changzhou Changjiang Port (first-class open port), and the Changzhou Civil Aviation Airport(4D-class domestic airport) are all within 25 kilometers. The rapid transit corridor of Qingyang Road running through the development zone has been already completed.

便捷的交通网络:天宁经济开发区坐拥四通八达的水、 陆、空运输网络。距沪宁高铁常州站、 常州汽车站仅20分钟车程;距沪蓉 G42高速公路出入口1公里;距离京杭大运河、国家一类开放口岸常州长江港、4D级国内机场常州民航机场的距离都在25公里以内;贯穿开发区南北的青洋路快速过境通道已经建成。

Strong Industrial Foundation: there are 2,406 industrial enterprises in the Zone. The textile and garment, smart grid, new energy and new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as the biological medicine industries have already been established in the zone. There are also multiple industrial park carriers, including the Inspection and Testing Industrial Park, the New Generation of Information Technology (NGIT) Industrial Park, the Cultural and Sports Industrial Park,the Intelligent Power Equipment Industrial Park, the New Energy Materials Science And Technology Industrial Park, the Military and Civilian Integration Industrial Park. The leading enterprises include Eaton Electric Equipment Co., Ltd., Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd., Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials Co., Ltd.

雄厚的产业基础: 现有工业企业2406家,其中规上工业企业207家,上市企业4家,新三板挂牌10家。拥有检验检测认证产业园、新一代信息技术产业园、文化体育产业园、智能电力装备园、新能源新材料产业园、军民融合产业园等多个园区载体。龙头企业包括有常州伊顿电力设备有限公司、常州亚玛顿股份有限公司、天晟新材料股份有限公司等。

Perfect Living Environment: as the central area of Changzhou, Tianning District has some of the best financial, educational and medical resources. It is not only the financial and business center, but also the transportation, education, medical and tourism center of Changzhou city.


This event is free of charge, but seats are limited. RSVP is required. Please note that AmCham Shanghai members enjoy first priority.



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