Course: Supply Chain Performance and Maturity - how to evaluate your supply chain?

Date: Sep 11th

Time: 13:00-17:00

Venue: InterContinental, Wangdun Road 288

Who shall attend: Win in China Program group members only

Do you know how to structure your company's supply chain performance measurements?

Led by a researcher who is also a supply chain operation expert, this practice-oriented supply chain performance session investigates the various disciplines for better managing supply chain performance and understands the performance evaluation challenges in today's rapidly changing environment.

Mr Tiger Qiao, DBA from Alliance Manchester Business School of the University of Manchester, will walk you through two topics regarding supply chain performance management. The first is the supply chain performance measurement. There are plenty of articles or studies address this question from the various disciplines. However, the "how" question is not answered yet. Practitioners (business managers) still do not understand how to effectively measure supply chain performance in the business world and keep the balance with what was measured. Before carrying out the field works of assessments, how many themes/dimensions the organisation should focus? Economic, ethical, ecological? This workshop will stick on economic only to unfold the challenges and confusions regarding supply chain performance measurement.

What is the correlation between supply chain performance and maturity? If the economic performance is well achieved, is this business mature than the others? Revisit the supply chain lifecycle, where is your company's supply chain?

Gartner's Retail Supply Chainnovator Award recognises innovative and high-impact retail supply chain initiatives. In 2019, JD is the winner! JD.com's initiative highlights the critical role supply chain can play in developing new service and product offerings for consumers and how, through innovative and challenging cross-company collaboration, profitable business growth can be achieved. However, JD.com becomes profitable only in the last 13 quarters; they did not make money for a long period. Thus, will you believe that JD.com is mature or still very young? How do you value JD.com's supply chain performance and maturity?

This session will explain the "Best Practice" of supply chain performance measurement and some interesting academic researches of supply chain maturity. Mr Tiger Qiao will bridge you the gap between the "Best Practice" and academic world, lead you inside-out and outside-in of supply chain management.


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  • Tiger Qiao

    Tiger Qiao

    Tiger Qiao is an experienced operations expert, supply chain management professional, and a doctoral candidate specialising in employee experience, organisation knowledge and business capability mechanism establishment. As Operations Director in Asia at ODL, he specialises in operations of supply chain management and manufacturing management.
    He is a doctoral candidate in business management in Alliance Manchester Business School, professional in supply chain management, and skilful operation expert. His impressive practical and academic background allows him to deeply analyse issues/managing conflicts with high confidence and solid theory/discipline support, while still keep fitting in grass-rooted culture in Asia.
    His unique academic background (ranked #1 DBA program worldwide) enhances his thinking mythology and approach. This rich theory/discipline knowledge enables him to ‘inside-out’ and outside-in’ depends on the complexity of the business challenges.
    Tiger Qiao is setting a new standard for how to offshore sourcing in Asia, how to manage Asia suppliers/manufacturers and training/build its quality system and establishing the joint R&D capability with the developed countries business. His commitment to operating in Asia is changing the way the developed countries business handles the Asia supply chain and new products development.

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