AmCham Shanghai would like to invite you to attend this Spotlight Session focusing on investment opportunities in California, USA. During this breakfast session, you will gain insights into:

  • The most recent investment trends in America
  • Why you should invest in the United States
  • Why California is a good choice
  • California school districts and how they differ

Southern California is a megapolitan region occupying the southern portion of the state of California. The largest metropolitan area is Los Angeles, the nation's second largest metro area. The greater Los Angeles metropolitan includes LA County, Orange County, Ventura County and two other counties.

SoCal's economy is global and increasingly diverse, led by a broad industrial base in aerospace and defense; biopharmaceuticals and medical devices; cleantech and advanced transportation; education and knowledge creation; entertainment; fashion and lifestyle; food manufacturing; international trade; and hospitality and tourism.

There are many prestigious public and private colleges and universities in SoCal, including top-ranked U.S. universities. SoCal is a dreamland for students.

Why do Chinese love the San Francisco bay area?

  1. It is called humanistic bay area: livable climate, unique culture and humanistic history. The golden gate bridge, Lombard streets, Chinatown, Fisherman's wharf, and vintage cable cars dot this culturally free, prosperous, diverse city. Famous bay area universities include UC Berkeley and Stanford university on the southern tip of the peninsula, bringing together the global elite.
  2. The Bay area is defined as wealth: one of the wealthiest metropolitan areas in the United States with the highest per capita income. It is a hub for science and technology, biopharmaceuticals and investment. Nine bay area counties combined have the equivalent of the 17th largest GDP in the world. Google, Apple, Facebook, Linked In are among the tech giants located in the area. The Chinese are a powerful economic force in the bay area. Chinese companies now number more than 2,000, accounting for one-fifth of silicon valley's total.

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诚邀阁下莅临7/27 日周六关于美国房产投资的早餐分享会。通过该活动,您可以了解到:

  • 最新的美国房产投资走势及资讯
  • 为什么选择美国作为投资对象
  • 为什么加州是值得考虑的投资城市
  • 加州学区房分析以及4个加州项目全方位对比介绍

南加州是位于加州南部的巨型都市圈,南加州最大的都市圈是大洛杉矶都市圈,它是加州第一大,美国第二大都市圈。大洛杉矶都市圈内面积非常大,其中包括了五个县种包括:洛杉矶县 (LA County)、橙县 (Orange County)、文图拉县 (Ventura County)等。南加州拥有多元化的经济,主要产业集群为航天及国防;生物制药及医疗保健;清洁技术及高级运输;教育;娱乐;时尚及生活;食品制造;国际贸易;酒店及旅游。

南加州名校云集,在南加州主要城市洛杉矶,尔湾,圣芭芭拉, 圣地亚哥等城市,坐落着多所顶级高校,是学子们的逐梦天堂。


  1. 被称为人文湾区:宜居的气候,独特文化和人文历史。金门大桥,九曲花街,中国城,渔人码头,以及复古缆车点缀着这个文化自由,繁荣 富裕,多元化的都市。湾区著名的大学有加大伯克莱分校(UC Berkeley)和半岛南端的斯坦福大学,汇集全球精英。
  2. 被定义财富湾区:美国人均所得最高,最富裕的大都市地区之一。科技产业, 生物制药产业和投资业的摇篮. 汇集了全球科技精英。湾区九县的国内生产总值GDP相当于全球第17位,Google, Apple, Facebook, Linked In 科技新贵。在湾区,华人是一支强大的经济力量。 华人开办的公司已达2000多家,占硅谷公司的1/5。



  • Michelle Lu (Manager at Savills International Property China)

    Michelle Lu

    Manager at Savills International Property China

    第一太平戴维斯国际地产经理 陆梦星

    Michelle has 8 years of experience in international property business, mainly focusing on luxury property market in UK and US.

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