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Join this 2-day interactive workshop to acquire practical skills to become a strategic asset to your Executive. Learn how to adapt to your Executive's communication style and build a successful business partnership. Develop effective communication strategies including assertive techniques to manage challenging behaviours and effective business writing skills. Discover how to practice efficient time management, and adopt project management, decision making and problem solving skills to make strategic decisions independently.

Acquire Effective Frameworks and Methods

  • Think like your Executive using "The Management Pyramid"
  • Understand The Communication Model and communicate with IMPACT
  • Adopt the AIDA Model to deal with challenging situations
  • Apply the Prioritisation Matrix to your workload
  • Implement the Simplex Process for problem solving
  • Apply The 6 Thinking Hats® to promote lateral thinking
  • Develop a problem solving and decision making toolbox including OODA, ORAPAPA

Unique Features

  • Led by Lindsay Taylor from UK, a former EA to the CEO and accredited IAM (Institute of Administrative Management) trainer
  • Real business solutions that you can take back to the office and implement immediately
  • Group activities based on real-life challenges and scenarios EAs/PAs face
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 2-day workshop
  • Experience sharing and networking with fellow EAs, PAs, admin professionals

Event Outline/Workshop Agenda:

Session 1: Building a Successful Partnership with your Executive

  • Understand the expectations of your Executive
  • Identify the key responsibilities and skillsets required of a high performing EA
  • Examine how your efficiency contributes to the overall success of your organisation
  • Think like your Executive using "The Management Pyramid"
  • Identify your preferred communication style
  • Adapt to your Executive's communication style
  • Employ effective questioning techniques to clarify instructions from your Executive

Activity: Identify strategies to overcome the challenges of:

  • Working with multiple Executives with competing views
  • Working with a new Executive
  • Working with Executives of different nationalities and culture
  • Clarifying ambiguous information from your Executive

Session 2: Impactful Communication

  • Understand the key elements of communication
  • Create and maintain rapport with colleagues from all levels
  • Hone your active listening skills
  • Understand The Communication Model
  • Identify barriers to communication and develop strategies to overcome these
  • Choose the best structure for your communication
  • Evaluate the scope, benefits and limitations of different modes of communication
  • Communicate with IMPACT

Activity: Discuss and identify best practice for working in a digital age and keeping control of your Executive's emails

Session 3: Impactful Communication: Focus on Business Writing

  • Gain clarity on the purpose, audience and outcome of your written communication
  • Organise your thoughts and ideas coherently
  • Keep your message clear and concise
  • Consider content, layout, language, format and effectiveness
  • Identify the "dos" and "don'ts" of written communication

Activity: Apply your newfound knowledge to scenarios and produce impactful written communication

Session 4: Assertive & Influencing Skills

  • Differentiate between aggressive, passive and assertive communication
  • Apply the key elements of communication to assertiveness
  • Implement the AIDA Model when faced with challenging behaviours and situations
  • Maintain work boundaries and say "no" in a professional manner without offending
  • Build a portfolio of influential phrases and language

Activity: Apply assertive techniques and influential language to scenarios to:

  • Tactfully reject requests
  • Gain action from others to meet deadlines
  • Obtain critical information from your Executive

Session 5: Workload Management

  • Distinguish between urgent and important tasks to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Apply the Prioritisation Matrix to your workload
  • Identify time bandits and strategies to overcome these
  • Understand the project management life cycle and the relevance to workload management
  • Be aware of the 4 spheres of personal energy
  • Understand how to renew your personal energy to maintain wellness in the workplace


  1. Apply the Prioritization Matrix to your workload
  2. Identify best practice for managing your energy

Session 6: Self Leadership & Building Confidence

  • Conduct a Personal SWOT
  • Change limiting beliefs to promote self-confidence and positivity
  • Use motivational language to identify and achieve your outcomes
  • Apply proven goal-setting methodology to ensure successful achievement of your goals

Activity: Discussion and identification of how to build credibility and transition from business support to strategic business partner

Session 7: Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Understand The Simplex Process
  • Combine logical and lateral thinking to solve problems and make effective decisions
  • Develop a Problem Solving & Decision Making toolbox including OODA, ORAPAPA and The 6 Thinking
  • Hats®
  • Make business decisions on behalf of your Executive

Activity: Apply The 6 Thinking Hats® to scenarios to promote lateral thinking

Session 8: Personal Action Plan: Applying Your Learning

  • For this session, delegates will consolidate learning points and share their specific challenges in relation to their role at work. Delegates will identify how they can put their newfound knowledge and learning into practice in dealing with these challenges.


  • Lindsay Taylor (Director of Your Excellency Limited, UK)

    Lindsay Taylor

    Director of Your Excellency Limited, UK

    Lindsay Taylor is a multi-award winning author, global trainer and coach based in UK. Lindsay has trained
    professionals from a diverse set of sectors and industries worldwide. Lindsay is renowned for her high-energy, fun
    and practical training sessions that provide instantly useable skills and learning for the busy Executive PA who
    strives to be the most effective and efficient.
    Her most prestigious clients include Coca-Cola, Shell, AOL, PricewaterhouseCoopers, AstraZeneca, Henkel, Royal
    Bank of Scotland, Savills, O2, Telefonica, Jumeirah Hotel Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Marriott Hotels,
    Atkins, Waitrose, BaE, Paradigm/Astrium, Eddie Stobbart, Yazaki, Barclays Capital Services and more.
    Lindsay spent 10 years as an Executive Assistant in organisations in the UK and USA, including Transamerica
    Corporation. Lindsay’s responsibilities have been at CEO level and have included international conference and
    event organisation and leading large teams of administrative/secretarial staff. Lindsay implemented effective
    office systems to ensure their smooth and efficient running. She understands the diverse skill sets required of a
    high performing Executive Assistant.
    Lindsay is the author of award winning publication “A-Z Pearls of Wisdom for Executive PAs”. She is a preferred
    training provider with The IAM (Institute of Administrative Management), one of the oldest professional bodies for
    business and administrative managers in the UK. Lindsay is passionate about raising the profile of the EA
    profession and delivers IAM accredited training and qualifications with a focus on leadership skills that enable her
    clients to progress in their careers.

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Who should attend?

Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Admin Managers, Officers, Coordinators, Administrators, Office Professionals


Registration: 8.30am

Workshop: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Morning, afternoon refreshments & lunch will be served at appropriate intervals.


Standard Ticket
Standard Price RMB 8,100
Early Bird Ticket
Early Bird Price RMB 6,590


InterContinental Shanghai Pudong

777 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area
200120 Shanghai, P.R. China

Shanghai, China

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