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The digital landscape in China is completely different than the West. Once famed for copying, the big tech platforms in China (Tencent, Alibaba, Bytedance) have now leapfrogged over their US counterparts (Facebook, Google, Twitter). In this 90-minute zoom webinar, Paul Lin and Alex Duncan will take you through a deep dive into the incredible world of digital, social media in China in 2020.

You will learn who are the major power brokers, which tech platforms are on the rise and just why the big mobile apps like WeChat and Douyin/TikTok are so far ahead of their Western rivals. We will also cover many of the more interesting niche players and recommend all the best resources and tools for you to use to Win and drive growth in China.

We will cover topics like:

· What is a mini-program?

· How is WeChat's business model fundamentally different to Facebook et al?

· Which platform is better at reaching my audience? Which is better at driving engagement?

· Where should I spend my budget and resources as brand?

· What type of content are Chinese consumers engaging with?

Paul Lin, Chair of the Marketing & Media Committee, will host this exciting 90 minute, 150 slide zoom webinar with Alex Duncan from KAWO.

This webinar is on the record and a recording and a PDF presentation slides will be distributed following the webinar upon request.


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If you have any questions, please contact: jenny.wang@amcham-shanghai.org


  • Alex Duncan (Co-Founder of KAWO Technologies)

    Alex Duncan

    Co-Founder of KAWO Technologies

    Alex is a British entrepreneur who has lived in China for 14 years. He identified a gap in the market 7 years ago, and thus co-founded KAWO, one of the leading Marketing SaaS players in China.

    KAWO helps major international brands like the NFL, Vera Wang, and Nike to plan, manage, and analyze their content across WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin, the three major social media channels in China.

    Alex’s core skill set is UX design and programming but running KAWO for several years has given him a deep understanding of the Chinese social media landscape.

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