AmCham Shanghai's Trade & Investment Center invites you to Tongxiang City Investment Promotion - Advanced Manufacturing and Internet+Tourism on May 15th from 14.00 to 16.00 at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center. Representatives from Deloitte, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Anthony Glass Technology will give speeches on the investment environment in Tongxiang, potential investment opportunities and preferential policies in Tongxiang City. Meanwhile, entrepreneur guests will showcase stories of investing in Tongxiang.

上海美国商会贸易投资中心邀请您参加5月15日下午 2点至4点在上海美国商会会议中心举行的浙江省桐乡市投资推介活动。本次活动,来自德勤、桐乡经济开发区、安东尼技术玻璃(上海)有限公司的代表们将分享他们的精彩演讲,展示潜在的投资机会,详细阐述桐乡市现有的优惠政策,以及分享在桐投资的心路历程。

Premium Location:

Tongxiang City is located at the turning point of the Yangtze River Delta and in the center of the so-called "Golden Triangle" of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, where travel to any of these cities only takes 1 hour by car.



Specialized Industries:

Tongxiang City aims to develop its economy by focusing on advanced manufacturing, while also building up local tourism and the internet industry with Wuzhen as its center. It leverages the inherited advantages of specialized industries such as High-End Equipment Manufacturing, New Materials, the Digital Economy and the Fashion Industry to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of these industries, while supporting the development of a series of new leading and supporting enterprises in the industries mentioned above.



Enterprises in Tongxiang:

In terms of local enterprises, Tongxiang has nourished a large number of industry leaders like Tongkun Group, Jushi Group (world's No.1 for fiber glass), Xin Fengmin Group, Inspirock Group, Huayou Cobalt (world's No.1 for cobalt material), Xinao Textile, Double Arrow Rubber, Jeamo Motor, Hengshi Fiber, and more. There are approximately 30 American-invested enterprises including Air Products, Pacific Millennium-Stone Packaging, Hede Machinery, Ameritech Diagnostic, Anthony Glass Technology,and Youyi Environment that have come to invest in Tongxiang. Tongxiang City has maintained a close business relationship with the U.S. In October 2018, local Tongxiang enterprise Jushi Group officially invested $300 million to build a plant with a capacity of 80,000 tons of fiberglass in South Carolina. The total value of import and export between Tongxiang City and the U.S. reached $720 million in 2018.



Other Competitive advantages:

l Developed Transportation Network: high speed railways, expressways, canal

l Competitive Business Cost: 30% lower than Shanghai, 10% lower than Suzhou

l Complete Infrastructure: access to land, water, power, gas, steam, communications, roads, etc.

l Leading Industries: Equipment Manufacturing (Auto Parts, Machinery), New Materials, Digital Economy, Fashion Industry

l Specialized Platforms: Wuzhen Big-Data High-Tech Park (World Internet Park), Western Bay Alley Industrial Park, Sino-Korean Technology Park, Auto Park, New Material Base, 5G Communication Base, Ping'An New Economy Town


l 发达的交通网络:高铁、高速公路、水运

l 具有竞争力的商务成本:比上海低30%,比苏州低10%

l 完善的基础设施:道路、雨水、污水、自来水、天然气、电力、电信、蒸汽及有线电视管线等"九通一平"

l 主导产业:装备制造(汽车零部件、机械设备)、新材料、数字经济产业、时尚产业

l 特色平台:乌镇大数据高新技术产业园区(世界互联网产业园)、欧美湾谷科技产业园、中韩科技园区、汽车汽配产业园、新材料基地、5G通讯基地、平安新经济城等

Key Platform for Manufacturing Industry Development: Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (TEDZ)

TEDZ is located in the collective area of Shanghai, Hangzhou Bay Area and Taihu Lake Ring Economic Circles, with a planned area of 93.31 km2. TEDZ was established in July, 1992, as one of the first Economic Zones issued by the Provincial Government of Zhejiang. After years of industrial planning, investment promotion, government guidance and preferential policies, TEDZ has attracted a great deal of outstanding enterprises and formed several competitive industrial clusters including Advanced Equipment Manufacturing led by Automobile and Auto Parts, New Materials and Digital Economy. In 2017, TEDZ ranked No.3 among Zhejiang's provincial economic development zones.



For more information, please contact Summer Xie at Tel: (86 21) 6279 7119 ext. 5661 or email summer.xie@amcham-shanghai.org

了解更多事宜,请联系 谢仲夏 电话:(86 21) 6279-7119 分机号5661 邮箱: summer.xie@amcham-shanghai.org


2 PM - 2:30 PM
Registration & Networking
2:30 PM - 2:35 PM
Opening Remark & Guest Introduction
2:35 PM - 2:45 PM
Address Speech by Municipal Leader from Tongxiang Government
2:45 PM - 2:55 PM
Introduction Video of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (TEDZ)
2:55 PM - 3:15 PM
Report on Tongxiang Investment Environment, by Mr.Qingle Yan, Director of Tax and Business Advisory, Deloitte China
3:15 PM - 3:25 PM
Introduction on Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, by Ms. Shirley Zhang, Deputy Director/Head of Investment Promotion, Administrative Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone
3:25 PM - 3:40 PM
Investing in Tongxiang City - Enterprise Experience Sharing by Liqing Zheng,General Manager of Anthony Glass Technology Shanghai
3:40 PM - 4 PM


  • QY

    Qingle Yan

    Director of Tax & Business Advisory at Deloitte China

    Yan Qingle has worked in Deloitte for more than 13 years and specializes in providing policy and regulatory advice and government and public affairs services for multinational companies investing in China.

    Yan Qingle is good at assisting multinational companies in formulating investment plans in China, providing tax and regulatory advice to foreign-invested companies and representative offices of different forms and sizes. His areas of expertise include market access strategies and regulations in a variety of industries, investment location analysis and related government financial return negotiations, establishment and cancellation of foreign-invested companies, and tax and other regulatory advice encountered by companies in their operations.

    At the same time, he has accumulated rich experience in providing investment environment assessment and investment promotion consulting for the government.

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  • SZ

    Shirley Zhang

    Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee at of Zhejiang Tongxiang Economic Development Zone

    Ms. Shirley Zhang, is the Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Zhejiang Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and the Head of the investment promotion department.

    She is in charge of the comprehensive investment promotion work on 3 main industries in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone: Automobile & Auto Parts, New Materials, and Digital Economy. As a professional and experienced investment promotion leader, she has been doing her work for over a decade, with resourceful connections with both the government and the enterprises.

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  • LZ

    Liqing Zheng

    General manager at Anthony Glass Technology Shanghai

    Anthony specializes in the production of various supermarket refrigeration equipment, mainly supermarket refrigerated display cabinet doors, more than 75% of American supermarkets and convenience stores use Anthony's glass freezer doors.

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