In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we still believe that human beings are the key to a company's success. Intelligent machines that work and react almost like human beings are still created by certain type of "colorful" people. Colors will help you discover your and other people's preferences and enable you to create a rewarding work environment that makes your TALENTS not only stay but actively build the company's advantage with passion.

The primary objective of the two-hour session is to provide fundamental knowledge of the DISC model by experiencing it empirically. All participants will be asked to complete a paper-based DISC mini assessment during the meeting. As a result each participant will know his/her primary style and the % "distribution" of the other three styles. The focus will be on the primary style and what value the other three types bring.

Apart from various possible DISC applications (such as recruitment & selection, leadership development, team building, conflict resolutions, effective communication, negotiations, problem solving, sales & business growth, customer service, team development, and coaching & mentoring, Assessment Centre (AC) / Development Centre (DC)) this Lunch & Learn session will focus on the practical application of DISC for retaining people in the organization.

What's DISC?

DISC, an acronym for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious /Compliance), is a powerful tool that helps to understand our behavioral tendencies. The model focuses on individual, externally observable behaviors and identifies four primary styles people may apply: D-style (Dominance), I-style (Influence), S-style (Steadiness), C-style (Correctness/Compliance). The model is widely applied in business where it is important to recognize people's styles for various purposes such as self-development, empowering others to act by understanding their strengths, "encouraging the heart" through the personalized recognition, designing and building diverse high performing teams, resolving conflict situations and problems with success, building long lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

The power of DISC is also easily recognized in the private context when we simply want to improve our communication with others (spouse, children, parents, friends). Understanding specificities of different styles helps to be a better communicator, problem solver, leader, no matter what the context is, either in business or private interaction.

Session Outline

How you will benefit:

  • Take DISC PREssessment during the session
  • Discover your primary DISC style and the other three styles
  • Unpack what each style brings and how to make them work together
  • Learn the most common applications of the DISC model in business with a special focus on retaining your TALENTS
  • Discover other systems are based on DISC 

Who should attend?

This short introductory session is designed for anybody who would like to understand the fundamentals of the DISC model, but specifically for Managers, Leaders, HR Partitioners, Consultants, Coaches who would like to understand how to apply DISC for various initiatives with a specific focus on retaining Talents

This course is an introductory session to the Extended Disc program and other programs that build upon the DISC model. 


11:45 Registration and Light Lunch

12:00 Session

14:00 Session Ends

A light lunch will be served for the attendees.


  • Magdalena Krzyzanowska Celmer

    Magdalena Krzyzanowska Celmer

    Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer is founder of DucoPoint Business Consulting Company LTI (www.ducopoint.com), international HRM expert & mentor with 20-year industrial experience on various HRM & communications director and executive positions in global organizations in sectors such as automotive, oil & gas, chemicals, packaging. She successfully led various restructure, change and M&A processes. Moreover, she majors in strategic organization, cross cultural management, organizational change, leadership development, effective teams and enhancement of organizational cultures. She worked in Europe (Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, UK) and APAC. Currently, she resides in Shanghai (China).

    She delivers programs on leadership practices, cross cultural management, organizational design & development and on various tools & instruments most commonly applied by the HR community (DISC and specifically Extended DISC, AC/DC, ICC coaching, mentoring, recruitment techniques, performance management, succession planning and selected HRIS (Performance Manager, WorkDay).

    Currently, she is working on a PhD dissertation on leadership models & organizational cultures. Her particular interest lies in leadership practices in China, which became the main focus point of her recent research. Moreover, Magdalena graduated from various postgraduate studies such as Business management, Human Capital Management, information Management and PR and the China MBA program at Jiao Tong University (Shanghai, China); she received education in strategic organization at Levinson Institute in Boston (US) and in Management in Crisis situations in France (Mirabaund Visconti & Guillery Malvy). She is a certified coach (ICC) and assessor (CAADC)

    • ICC coach (International Coaching Community
    • Assessor in Assessment & Development Centre (CAADC)
    • Licensed Extended Disc practitioner
    • International HRM expert

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