"Don't hire the most qualified, hire the craziest."- Jack Ma

Is there validity in this statement? What role do seemingly crazy, unorthodox, and imagi-native approaches play in business? Farsighted enterprises realize a degree of disruption in patterned thinking is crucial for success. In fact, Creativity is the #1 soft skill in demand this year according to LinkedIn. Why is finding and considering a novel approach to our challenges beneficial? Where do great ideas come from? How can we get out of our comfort zone and discover original ideas instead of just copying competi-tors? How do we foster creativity and innovation in the workplace? Why is an innovation program paramount for every enterprise?

During this session, we will discuss these questions and their answers. We will examine creativity as a soft skill and the significance of applying creativity to corporate innovation. We will explore local and global innovation success stories and what we can learn from them. We will also learn industry lingo and trusted practices to encourage both leadership and employees to think-outside-the box. Join us for this energetic discussion of the innovation revolution and how we all can play a part in it!

Session Outline

Introduction and ice-breaker

What is it?

  •      Neuroscience explanation of creativity
  •      Creative thinking techniques

Why is it important?

  •      Creativity for product, service and social innovation
  •      Case Study discussion
  •      Corporate Innovation Models

How can we develop?

  •      Leadership strategies
  •      Brainstorming basics
  •      Overcoming corporate siloing
  •      Innovation program options


Who should attend?

Executives involved in strategy

Managers and staff involved in Research and Development

Designers and Engineers tasked with new product development

HR managers involved in talent recruitment and development

Anyone looking to overcome brain block, boost creative thinking and improve the status quo


11:45 Registration and Light Lunch

12:00 Session

14:00 Session Ends

A light lunch will be served for the attendees.


  • Lindsay Prater (Consultant at Unbox Your Brain)

    Lindsay Prater

    Consultant at Unbox Your Brain

    Lindsay (林琳)is an innovation and creativity consultant based in Shanghai. She launched Unbox Your Brain to promote innovation awareness and curate ideation meth-ods for companies and individuals in China. Her technical mind combined with a well-rounded experience in cross-cultural organizations enables her to guide clients to solve problems in untraditional ways. She has coached entrepreneurs and executives to stretch their imagination and break out of traditional thinking patterns to discover novel ideas. She facilitates innovation sprints and brainstorming sessions for corporations and entrepreneurs. She is a licensed Professional Engineer who has lived and worked in China for over a decade. She graduated and worked at Georgia Tech a USA top-10 university and speaks Mandarin (HSK level 5). When she isn’t immersed in innovation training or working on her inventions, she enjoys conversing about life with people from all over the world and celebrating nature.
    Reach out to her at lindsay@unboxyourbrain.com for more information on her service

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AmCham Shanghai Conference Center

Suite 568, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West
Shanghai, China

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