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Do you still think that Excel is a tool that is used only by people in your company's finance department? If so, you are wrong. It does have fantastic financial modeling capability but it offers so much more than that.

Are you bothered by making work reports at the end of each month?

How can we quickly sort out valuable information when we faced a large amount of data?

How can the complex information and data present the most intuitive effect?

Come to our course, it will greatly improve your working efficiency and quality. Going beyond simple tables and charts, you will learn to use advanced excel functions and data analysis tools, such as what-if analysis, solver, etc. With these powerful tools, you'll be more productive than you've ever dreamed!






Topic 1. Function application, statistics become more efficient

  • What is a relative/absolute reference 什么是相对/绝对引用
  • Summation under different conditions: SUM, SUMIFS 不同条件下的求和:SUM、SUMIFS
  • Statistics under different conditions: COUNTA, COUNTIFS 不同条件下的统计:COUNTA、COUNTIFS
  • Match the corresponding data with VLOOKUP 使用VLOOKUP匹配对应数据
  • VLOOKUP and Match function nesting, more flexible searching VLOOKUP与Match函数嵌套,查找更灵活
  • Calculation between multiple tables 多表之间的数据计算

Topic 2. Data analysis, making data analysis more efficient with PivotTable

  • Use the PivotTable to quickly count duplicate items 运用透视表快速统计重复项目
  • Different summary methods for the same field 同一字段不同汇总方式
  • Use the PivotTable to analyze the time dimension by year, quarter, month, etc. 利用数据透视表进行按年、季度、月等时间维度上的分析
  • Use PivotTable to analyze different regions, industries, etc. 利用数据透视表进行不同区域、行业等维度分析
  • Use the PivotTable for year-on-year and month-on-month analysis 利用数据透视表进行同比、环比分析
  • Generate a dynamic PivotTable 生成动态的数据透视图


  • Yunyun Hu (Eddic)

    Yunyun Hu


    Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Certifications for IT Professionals.
    With 9 years’ training experiences in most top 500 enterprises and government administrations. With a high evaluation from trainees. With hundreds of lectures yearly.
    Training CEIBS EMBAs《EXCEL数据分析与决策》for 5 years.
    Contracted with SOCIETE GENERALE Beijing branch, international SOS, Roche etc.
    Make PPT for CIB Wuhan branch, prepare business strategy PPT for many well-known enterprises.

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