In today's corporate world, presentation skills separate the leaders from the followers.

The ability to give effective presentations is a skill that affects not only business decisions but also your career success. The most successful people in business and government today are all powerful and effective public speakers. Being able to give high impact business presentations is a management communication skill that every business leader, manager and senior executive needs.

Whether you're speaking at an internal meeting, or you're trying to promote your new product, your presentation skills not only represent you as a strong willed and confident person, but also reflects upon your company and that can say a lot.


Business leaders, senior managers and executives who have the need or opportunities to present on global platform.


  • Brainstorming techniques to efficiently and effectively crystallize message and focus presentation scope
  • Audience Analysis techniques to help target core recipients and maximize impact
  • Structuring logically cohesive presentations based on the desired effect and the target audience
  • Body Languagetechniques to instill confidence in your message and connect with audience
  • Introductions that catch attention and focus the audience on you and your message
  • Conclusions that motivate the audience to take action
  • Sell techniques to persuasively and convincingly sell your idea, proposal, or product







  • 集思广益的技巧:有效地明确信息并集中演讲范围
  • 受众分析技巧:定位核心受众并最大化影响
  • 演讲架构:基于预期效果和目标受众构建逻辑连贯的演讲
  • 肢体语言:在你的信息中灌输信心,并与你的听众建立联系
  • 开场:吸引观众注意力并使观众/听众关注你和你的要传达的信息
  • 结语:激励观众采取行动的结论
  • 说服力技巧:有说服力地"推销"你的想法、建议或产品


  • Troy Andrews

    Troy Andrews

    Troy has over 10 years of presentation training experience, he designs, creates content, and runs workshops customized to the audiences needs. Courses are tailored, content based, and highly interactive.
    He engages audiences and challenges them to reach their potential. The focus is on helping students isolate their true message and teaching them to convey it with each individual audience in mind. Using humor, storytelling, and interaction he methodically takes them through all the steps from design to delivery in a way of development that is logical, yet appeals to both reason and emotion.

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