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Nanjing NEXT Summit

Artificial vs Human Intelligence - Managing Robot Revolution

June 28 2019 | 1 PM – 5:30 PM | Zhongshan Hotel (307 Zhongshan Road East)

Sophia the Robot is coming to Nanjing! In case you haven't heard of this iconic figure, the first AI citizen, a symbol of future world, check the her "Awakening" video here. Sophia will be at the Nanjing NEXT Summit to have a serious debate with our speakers on who's going to win between AI or human intelligence. Thinkers and AI practitioners from CEIBS, Kita Robotics, Seedlink, Cargill, Clobotics, TechNode, KPMG will also join the conversation. Details about the conference please see below content. 


Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of disrupting business as we know it. While it brings enormous benefits in reducing costs, time, risks and uncertainties, it will also change the workforce of the future and could lead to social and economic disruptions. AmCham Shanghai Nanjing Center's Nanjing Next Summit will examine the relationship between AI and human intelligence and how companies can manage this robot revolution.

Topics To Be Discussed:

AI Outlook – How will AI evolve? How will governments manage the impact of AI?

Impact of AI on Industries. How will industries evolve by using AI? Which industries are most impacted by the AI revolution? How can companies better use AI in its processes?

Impact of AI on the Workforce – What jobs will become obsolete? What are the jobs of tomorrow? How can managers retrain and prepare their workforce?

About Nanjing NEXT

Join the AmCham Shanghai Nanjing Center for Nanjing NEXT, a summit that aims to provide executives with a 24 month view into what's NEXT for multinationals doing business in China as they face the business realities of the "New Normal".

Who Should Attend?

· AI Industry Professionals

· Executives from Multinational Companies

· Manufacturing Companies

· Financial Companies

· Healthcare and Medical Companies

· Supply Chain Companies

· Labor incentive companies

· Technology and Innovation Companies

· Marketing and E-Commerce Professionals

· Senior Government Officials &Government Regulators

· People who have concerns about AI

This event is included in the Nanjing Tech Week. Attendees who buy tickets will have access to a 3-day AI themed conference series. Companies and institutes that are participating include Intel, Siemens, Softbank, ABB, IEEE, CCID and IDC.



  • 展望人工智能 -- 人工智能将会如何演变?
  • 政府将会如何管理人工智能的影响?
  • 人工智能对产业的影响
  • 通过运用人工智能,产业将会如何演变?
  • 人工智能对那些产业的影响最为深远?
  • 企业如何更好的将人工智能运用到各个环节中?
  • 人工智能对劳动力的影响?
  • 哪些工作岗位将会被淘汰?
  • 哪些工作将会成为燃起的新星?
  • 企业管理人员应当如何重新分配与培训劳动力?




  • 来自跨国公司的高管
  • 技术和创新公司
  • 营销人员和电子商务机构
  • 高级政府官员
  • 政府监管机构
  • 供应链公司
  • 金融机构
  • 咨询公司
  • 风险投资
  • 制造业公司



Zhongshan Hotel
307 Zhongshan Road East
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

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