IQIYI CEO Gong Yu's prediction that the large-commercialization of 5G has pushed VR once again to become a hot topic. Compared to outdated, traditional marketing forms, VR is an underrated tool. Combining the psychological hunt for novelty and human curiosity, consumers are drawn to VR by the possibility for new experiences. Not only does VR marketing propose an entirely new way for businesses to display and advertise their products, it equally gives marketing a more authentic edge which makes it less likely to be overly rejected by consumers. The VR marketing experience carves a clear path of behavioral bias, allowing companies to simply observe and collect statistics on the most effective stimuli.

At this Spotlight session, we are pleased to welcome Ms Denise WU, Head of VeeR (veer.tv), and Mr John Zhang, Solution Team Leader at Electrolux.. Together their years of expertise will act as the springboard for discussion on the future of innovation in VR and how it can add much needed vitality to businesses.


此次spotlight session,我们有幸邀请到VeeR VR(veer.tv)市场负责人吴丹妮女士,以及伊莱克斯解决方案团队负责人张小超先生将与我们探讨足够有趣、足够创新的VR营销话题,看看他们是是如何玩转VR,为企业增添新活力的。


1:30 PM - 2 PM
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2 PM - 2:10 PM
Opening Remarks 开场致辞
2:10 PM - 2:40 PM
Marketing With Virtual Reality-How to engage audience with new mediums VR营销-如何利用新的媒体形式吸引用户
Virtual reality came to marketer’s attention in early 2015, matched by early curiosity as to it...
Virtual reality came to marketer’s attention in early 2015, matched by early curiosity as to its capabilities. Since, it has transformed the way audiences digest information, consume products and engage with brands.

Some years ago, a select few pioneer brands opted to engage with VR as a new medium. TopShop’s "Catwalk Experience" was the first of its kind - an immersive livestream shows specialized for retail. Followed by outdoor brand Merrell’s premier of their first ever commercial-in-motion virtual reality experience, Volvo also launched it’s own vehicle manufacture app, named "Volvo Reality". Ever since, with the development of technology and expansion of headset adaption, new trends and opportunities present themselves. How do VR apps market their products to select target audiences? How is this integrated into any brand’s day to day digital communications?


几年前,一些先锋品牌选择了这种新媒体,例如,TopShop推出了“The Catwalk Experience” - 一个身临其境的直播节目,户外品牌Merrell首次推出了商业动态虚拟现实体验,车辆制造沃尔沃推出了它 自己的VR应用程序“沃尔沃现实”。几年后,随着技术的发展和越来越多的VR耳机的采用,新的趋势和机遇是什么? 在这个阶段,VR Apps如何向目标受众推销他们的产品? 如何将其融入您的日常品牌传播中?
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2:40 PM - 3:10 PM
Digital transformation of traditional industries is all encompassing, including marketing. As s...
Digital transformation of traditional industries is all encompassing, including marketing. As standard image, video and text promotion methods gradually lose their previous appeal, a new medium of marketing is gradually taking over. VR marketing belongs anywhere and everywhere - from universities, tourism, hospitality, factories, industrial parks to a company’s exhibition hall, it can be used to promote anything, anywhere. As it’s immersive user experience attracts more and more customers, it poses some questions; how can more innovative digital marketing materials respond to VR? How can ROI be evaluated in this new digital context?

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3:10 PM - 3:30 PM
Panel discussion 嘉宾对话
Data analytics have proven that both content and event marketing continue to be the most effect...
Data analytics have proven that both content and event marketing continue to be the most effective way to grow a business. Therefore, we invited Co-founder & President Ms. Olivia Ji from EventBank to discuss the challenges and solution for event marketing and VR content marketing with the other two speakers.

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  • Olivia Ji (Co-Founder & President of EventBank)

    Olivia Ji

    Co-Founder & President of EventBank

    Olivia Jingshu Ji is a serial entrepreneur and founder of EventBank, China Entrepreneurs and He Feng Foundation.

    She is one of China’s top female business leaders, has incubated more than 20 technology companies and served as a senior business leader in multinational enterprises. In 2017 she was awarded the ‘top 10 female entrepreneur’ award at the prestigious Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship by the Alibaba Group.

    Olivia is also passionate about social responsibility and charity work. She is the founding director of Beijing Hefeng Art Charity Foundation and sits on the board of Women in Leadership, the major association for female entrepreneurs and investors. After studying at the University of Sydney Business School, she established the Olivia Jingshu Ji Prize which is offered annually to the top international student within the School.


    联合创始人及总裁 纪景姝(Olivia Jingshu Ji)女士曾是在美上市互联网公司的创始团队成员,被《商业周刊》等诸多媒体誉为“中国最年轻的首席运营官”。2013年她再次创业,创办了全球引领的企业级SaaS领域翘楚公司EventBank捷会易,专注在Marketing Automation及相关数据领域,任创始人和首席运营官。2017年,阿里巴巴集团授予纪景姝女士“全球女性创业十佳案例”奖,阿里巴巴研究院授予EventBank捷会易“云创新势力”首届中国云创新案例“Top 20 创业榜”及最具投资潜力奖。2018年,全球最具权威的IT研究与顾问咨询公司 Gartner高德纳旗下 GetApp颁发EventBank捷会易“2018 Q4 Category Leader for Event Management Software 2018 Q4全球活动管理软件榜单第一名”。纪景姝女士毕业于澳大利亚悉尼大学,获市场和财务双专业硕士学位。同时纪女士热衷公益慈善,回馈社会,创立了澳洲历史上第一个以华人名字命名的奖学金—— Olivia Jingshu Ji Prize,并作为创始理事之一创办了“荷风艺术基金会”。

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  • Denise Wu (The Head of Marketing at VeeR VR(veer.tv))

    Denise Wu

    The Head of Marketing at VeeR VR(veer.tv)

    Denise is the Head of Marketing of VeeR VR (veer.tv), the global VR content platform (also known as the #1 content platform dedicated in VR in China). Denise and the team have been working on helping the VR content creators on VeeR market their content to the global audience using innovative marketing methods within and outside of VR. She has been passionate about new media and emerging technologies. Prior to VeeR, she was with technology innovators like bluegogo, foodpanda(HK), Uniplaces (UK) to develop their oversea and local market.She will be sharing her specialized marketing practices in and outside of VR.

    VeeR VR(veer.tv)是一个全球VR内容平台(也是国内专注于VR领域的的第一内容平台)。 Denise和团队一直致力于使用VR的创新营销方法,帮助VeeR上的VR内容创作者向全球受众推广他们的内容。 Denise一直对新媒体和新兴技术充满热情, 在加入VeeR之前,她曾与bluegogo,foodpanda(HK),Uniplaces(英国)等技术创新专家一起开发海外和本地市场。此次她将会全方位分享关于VR的营销实践。

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  • John Zhang (Solution team leader at Electrolux)

    John Zhang

    Solution team leader at Electrolux

    Xiaochao(John) is the solution team leader at Electrolux. He holds a stellar 1st class classification in Information Systems from the University of Auckland, starting his career as a risk consultant for Deloitte in New Zealand. Following his 2010 return to China, he has developed his career as a top strategic marketer in manufacturing for Phillips and Schneider electric and as an account leader for Amazon. Xiaochao has acted as a leader in digital transformation since 2014, a key member of the smart home project for Schneider Electric, delivering strategy on market segmentation, product design and promotion. Outside this, he is an MMA coach, avid runner, writer and is learning to play the blues guitar.

    张小超是伊莱克斯的解决方案团队负责人,拥有奥克兰大学信息系统硕士学位(一级)。他的职业生涯开始于新西兰德勤的风险顾问。2010年回到国内后,曾从事制造行业(飞利浦和施耐德电气)的战略营销工作,另外还担任过互联网行业(亚马逊)的战略客户负责人。从2014年开始,张小超一直负责主导数字化转型工作,是施耐德电气智能家居项目的重要成员。负责市场细分,产品设计和推广等战略性工作。除此以外,张小超还是一名MMA(混合武术)教练和狂热的跑步者。 他对写作感兴趣并且正在努力学习演奏布鲁斯吉他。

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