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A storm brews in the U.S. Capitol. After two years of consolidated Republican Party rule in both the legislature and the executive, the American public faces their first chance since 2016 to descend en masse upon the ballots boxes.

The Democrats hope popular dissatisfaction with the current federal government can tip one or both houses of Congress blue. And yet while most polls predict a Democratic takeover of the House, the Senate is looking increasingly out of reach.

The midterms are nearly upon us, and the AmCham Shanghai welcomes interested members to join us in our offices for a CNN live-streaming of the election results the morning of November 7.

This event is free and open to all members. Food and drinks will not be provided.

Contested seats:

U.S. Senate: 35 (35%)

U.S. House of Representatives: 435 (100%)

*Gubernatorial: 39 (71%)

*Figure includes territorial governorships and mayorship of District of Columbia.


According to RealClearPolitics.

U.S. Senate: Arizona; Florida; Indiana; Missouri; Montana; Nevada

U.S. House of Representatives: CA10; CA25; CA39; CA45; CA48; FL15; FL26; FL27; IA3; IL6; KS2; KY6; ME2; MI8; MI11; MN1; NC9; NC13; NJ3: NJ7; NM2; NV3; NY19; NY22; PA1; TX7; TX32; UT4; VA5; VA7; WA8

Gubernatorial: Georgia; Iowa; Kansas; Nevada; Ohio; Oregon; South Dakota; Wisconsin

Polls close:

All times are local.

Alabama: 7 pm

Alaska: 8 pm

Arizona: 7 pm

Arkansas: 7:30 pm

California: 8 pm

Colorado: 7 pm

Connecticut: 8 pm

Delaware: 8 pm

District of Columbia: 8 pm

Florida: 7 pm

Georgia: 7 pm (8 pm in Atlanta)

Hawaii: 6 pm

Idaho: 8 pm

Illinois: 7 pm

Indiana: 6 pm

Iowa: 9 pm

Kansas: 7 pm

Kentucky: 6 pm

Louisiana: 8 pm

Maine: 8 pm

Maryland: 8 pm

Massachusetts: 8 pm

Michigan: 8 pm

Minnesota: 8 pm

Mississippi: 7 pm

Missouri: 7 pm

Montana: 8 pm

Nebraska: 8 pm in Central time zone; 7 pm in Mountain time zone

Nevada: 7 pm

New Hampshire: 7 or 8 pm, depending on municipality

New Jersey: 8 pm

New Mexico: 7 pm

New York: 9 pm

North Carolina: 7:30 pm

North Dakota: 8 pm, depending on municipality

Ohio: 7:30 pm

Oklahoma: 7 pm

Oregon: 8 pm

Pennsylvania: 8 pm

Rhode Island: 8 pm

South Carolina: 7 pm

South Dakota: 7 pm

Tennessee: Varies by municipality

Texas: 7 pm

Utah: 8 pm

Vermont: 7 pm

Virginia: 7 pm

Washington: 8 pm

West Virginia: 7:30 pm

Wisconsin: 8 pm

Wyoming: 7 pm