AmCham Shanghai is pleased to invite you to a talk by noted China expert William Overholt at 8:30 to 9:30 AM at the AmCham Shanghai Conference Center. Mr. Overholt is the author of eight books, including the groundbreaking The Rise of China and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Harvard University Asia Center. He will discuss the key findings of his most recent book, China's Crisis of Success, which examines China's rise and what strategies it must take to cement its rise.

Overholt argues that Asian miracle economies share characteristics that help us define China's current situation. Like an entrepreneur who has experienced a fantastic success but now must transform the business from an entourage to an institution in order to get ready for the IPO, the Asian Miracles get to a point where success creates economic and political complexity and continuing success requires organizational transformation. This is where South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore were in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Heading into this transformation, China has tremendous strengths where Western political scientists and economists have misdiagnosed terrible weaknesses--specifically in the areas of inclusiveness, environmental amelioration and corruption control. The leadership has defined a brilliant economic plan for the transformation, and can build on these social strengths but faces serious political hurdles in implementing that plan, and it hasn't defined a similarly brilliant political plan. Will China's next era be one of political and economic success or stagnation? More information about Mr, Hault's most recent book can be found here.

This talk is off the record and seating is limited.




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  • William Overholt (Senior Research Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government)

    William Overholt

    Senior Research Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

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