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In this manufacturing briefing, Charles Oliver, co-founder and partner at GCiS China Strategic Research, will lead a discussion on risk minimization and opportunities for U.S. firms under China's Made in China 2025 initiative. The briefing will begin with a presentation by Mr. Oliver, followed by a moderated three-person panel featuring Mr. Oliver, Senior Director of Government Relations at Honeywell Elaine Chen, and Professor of Economics at Fudan University and Director of the China Center for Economic Studies Zhang Jun.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Essentials of this policy/program, and what it means for U.S. manufacturers, both those with production inside and outside of China.
  • Indications and/or scenarios of how policy is likely to evolve or change. Is the year 2025 a true deadline?
  • Given China's consumption/tech needs, which areas (by 2025) will China still have to most rely on imports for?
  • China's plans for national growth in key sectors, technology in particular (best as related to manufacturing).
  • Policies for specific regions or locales, cities.
  • Plans for national champions. Will there be a new set of these, or consolidation and reform?
  • Is partnering (with SOEs, others) a solution here?
  • Opportunities, risk minimization: Are there opportunities here?
  • Recommendations for MNCs, SMEs, and American businesses.

This event is open to all AmCham members, but tickets are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to those with genuine interest in joining the GPS Program. For more information regarding the program and how to join, please contact daniel.rechtschaffen@amcham-shanghai.org. This off-the-record event is free for GPS members.

The AmCham Shanghai's Government Policy Support (GPS) program helps member companies navigate China's regulatory system by providing expert briefings on emerging policy issues across four focus groups—technology; manufacturing; food, agriculture, and beverage; and healthcare. GPS members gain free access to these briefings as well as to a range of other benefits.



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