More than 90% of our decisions and motivations are influenced by the automatic and non-conscious processes of the brain. And we are often unaware of this influence. Clearly, our hidden brain holds an extraordinary balance of power. This session will identify the role of the brain in our thinking, decision making and actions - and then outline how we can use this capacity to enhance our overall performance.

What role do intuition and gut feelings play in our decisions? How can we improve our attention and focus? What are the practical strategies to build mental resilience to stress and perform at our peak during times of high pressure?

These are questions that will be answered in this high impact and practical session. Dr. Norman Chorn, Professor of Strategic Management and consultant to international companies, is well qualified to lead this powerful session into the mystery of the human brain - and to apply it in a practical way to maximize your human potential.

Session Outline

  • Understanding how our brain works. What are the brain's major goals and drivers
  • How we think - analysis vs. insight. Which approach to use in different situations
  • Managing your cognitive load. Getting the best result from our time and working day
  • Performing under pressure. What happens to the brain and how we best manage when facing high demands on our time
  • The impact of stress on our brain. How we manage stress and improve wellbeing 
Who should attend?

Managerial Audience looking to acquire/expand knowledge on neuroscience and strategic thinking. 


11:30 Registration and Light Lunch
12:00 Session
13:30 Q&A & Networking
14:00 Session Ends

A light lunch will be served for the attendees.



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